The Health In Focus Story


Our Mission:

Create the most efficient and effective solutions for corporate health services.

What Does Health In Focus AS do?

Health in Focus AS specialises in patient and employee health record solutions – helping large businesses to create a healthier workforce, saving time and money in the process.

We work for your employees!

As a Norwegian based technology provider with over 20 years of electronic medical records experience for large international corporations, Health in Focus AS has developed solutions that directly match specific needs of our clients to improve the health of their workforce.

What Made Us Develop Pride Journal?

The Managing Director – Jacek Borg started the product line when he realised the difficulties large businesses were having keeping all their medical records up to date and in line with regulatory requirements. Observing that a great deal of time was being used to ensure consistent data, correcting mistakes and creating reports, a team of developers produced Pride Journal to deal with these challenges.

The vision is that each and every one of his clients should be striving for a healthier workforce. Knowing that a healthier workforce creates a more productive work environment, happier workforce and will save money for his clients. As Jacek puts it: “Health is money”!